Visions of Venice

Posted on 12th March 2014

'VISIONS OF VENICE ' is about to open at BADA British Antique Dealers Association Fair Wednesday 19th - Tuesday 25th 2014 Duke of York Square (Sloane Square)
Connoisseurs, with a knowledge of history and achievements of our National School, will see, in the views of Venice on display here, the best of a process which extends from Canaletto, and the inspiration he provided to the English artists, via Girtin and Turner, to the 20th century.  In addition to examples from the tradition established by Bonington and Callow, a remarkable group of watercolours by Brabazon has been included, encompassing both pure watercolour, and, in views of the Salute and of the market at Venice, works that emulate Turner's views on toned paper.  Brabazon, however remains his own man.  Inventing new techniques - placing both Chinese White and transparent washes on the same brush was one such device - Brabazon, like Turner before him, made Venice his own domain.

Aficionados will know of the artists represented here already.  For those who come afresh to the world of watercolours, all they have to do, once they have seen through the banality of much of the contemporary art scene, is to wonder at the skill which has gone into the production of these beautiful works of art, and above all, just use their eyes.

Exhibitions opening hours

Daily from 11am and closes at Wednesday 19 9.00pm Thursday 20th Friday 21 and Monday 24 8 pm Saturday 22 Sunday 23 and Tuesday 25 6.00pm

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