Review of the BADA Fair and the Samuel Prout Loan Exhibition March 2017

Posted on 15th April 2017

This years BADA Fair has been and gone the tent is down and the grass on square is greening up again in the spring sunshine . The dealers however are not at ease yet they are chasing leads and are still ever hopeful for that elusive and much talked about follow up.
Under new Madeleine the event this year looked as good as ever and the official attendance figures were higher than ever before approaching nearly twenty five thousand which makes BADA one of the busiest fairs in London.
The flight into quality over the last the years continues the best things on the dealers stands attracted the sales. I sold six of my best watercolours in the first two days including a wonderful early William Callow of Venice for over £50,000 that my family had sold some fifty years ago at Spink and Son. I am delighted it has gone to another English collector who I hope will enjoy the next fifty years.
Some of you might have seen the Samuel Prout loan exhibition which was very well attended. At times it go so crowded it was difficult to get on the stand.

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