Art Antiques London is opening very soon ( June 11th - 18th ) at the Albert Memorial West Lawn

Posted on 12th May 2014

Art Antiques London exhibition is opening very soon. June 11th to the 18th.
This show is proving very popular as although its only on for a week its size makes it a real pleasure to attend. Its big enough to see a good selection of different Art but its small enough to go right round it without feeling exhausted.
This is a lovely month to be in London as its the start of our summer. This setting in a large marquee in the park complete with a restaurant if you want to have lunch with a friend makes it very special day out.
I will be showing some beautiful pictures across a compete price range so please contact me and I will send you a complementary ticket . Please supply me your name and email address.

I look forward to meeting you and showing some beautiful British works of Art.

John Spink

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