William Payne and the Picturesque in Devon and Wales

13th - 19th Mar 2013

This exhibition united four private collections to show approximately 40 watercolours by William Payne (1760-1830), 18th century draughtsman and landscape artist. The collections came from across Europe and had never been seen in public together before. The Exhibition was curated by BADA Fair Exhibitor John Spink.
William Payne was not only a highly accomplished landscape painter but also a skilled draughtsman and by using his highly detailed and accurate pictures, Britain was able to secure her coastlines against threatening neighbours. To demonstrate his talent and attention to detail, modern day photographs of identifiable scenes were hung alongside their antique counterparts in this exhibition.
A fully illustrated book exploring in detail Payne's life and travels as an artist and illustrating the four collections accompanies the exhibition, written by the acknowledged world expert David Japes.

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