Peter De Wint (1784–1849)

Richmond and Richmond Bridge from the Thames

Watercolour over pencil, 37 x 53.5 cm (141/2 x 21 in)

De Wint was well acquainted with the Thames, producing views of the river at the OWCS in 1818, when he contributed to Cooke’s “Thames Scenery” There was a flurry of later views there starting in 1836 and culminating in a view of Richmond Hill in 1839 - almost the locus classicus of early English Watercolour art. This watercolour probably relates to the later series and displays de Wint’s mastery of all the elements of the composition - the confident handling of the foliage, put on with a full brush, with the windings of the river leading the eye to the focal point of Richmond Bridge. Even on this large scale de Wint manages to form all the components of the scene into a coherent whole.