Market Report Summer 2022

29th - 30th Jul 2022

Summer/ Autumn Report 2020

High Inflation not seen since the 1970's could give a dramatic boost in demand for British pictures

A lot has happened since I last wrote about the Art market at the beginning of 2020. Few would have predicted that the Covid 19 pandemic would have such a paralysing effect on wold trade including the buying and selling of British Art. All the Fairs were canceled and even as I write now they have not properly returned. Yes online auctions and catalogues have sprung up in desperation to stimulate sales but this has brought success mainly been at the lower end of the market. Sotheby's and Christie's have joined in on the online trend but sale prices achieved have been pretty poor for vendors . There is no substitute to giving confidence to a purchaser to viewing a picture properly and in person.
The market for English watercourse in my opinion is at a historical low and if and when it revives demand will increase quickly. History seems to be repeating itself it was the oil crisis in 1970's that created a world energy crisis and created high inflation in oil crisis

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