Market Report autumn 2018

1st - 2nd Nov 2018

It is seven months since I reported on the last BADA fair. I apologise for leaving it so long to write up this blog on the art market and in particular the watercolour market.

Everything is blamed on Brexit. Is it fair then to blame it for the troubles in the art world. The answer to that is yes and no. There are two distinct ares in the market and always have been. The top pictures and the middle and lower end. The top end is fine and well,(I will report on that later) its the lower end of the trade thats in. trouble. Sadly it the middle and lower end that makes up the majority of the antiques trade.

The super rich most of whom live or are based outside the EU. For some overseas buyers it is an opportunity as sterling is cheaper. The rich are only interested in the top pictures by top artists. Brexit is a slight annoyance to them that is all. Its the traditional middle class buyer that has suffered a double whammy over the last twenty years. That is as the investment is but I do believe it has had a considerable impact on peoples approach to buying and replacing assets. peoples since I last reported it is almost six months and things have

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